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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Top 10

Not sure if the Billboard Top 10 was ever compiled while drinking beer and watching the Power Puff Girls but that's how we do things round here. Haven't been to any shows this week but been listening to the CD's I bought last week, scouring MySpace, and constantly annoying my girlfriend with the words "you've got to listen to this, it's fucking great." So, to all of you, you've got to listen to these, they're fucking great.

1) Now's The Time For Action Shift
2) To Watch (For The Time of High or Low Tide) Swarm's Arm
3) The Way Back Home MacPherson and McSwegan
4) gcagt Keishiro Iwatani
5) Last Time Drum:Kan
6) Slow The Oversleep Excuse
7) Uncle Konno Pfeuti
8) I Wish I Could Make Everything White Kayoko
9) Fairway Supercar (written in katakana)
10) Yesterday's Children Automatics (Japan)/Ron Ron Clou

All of the songs are available to download from MySpace except for Fairway by Supercar which is from their album Futurama. I haven't had a chance to post about most of the bands so I'll try and do so in the next few days.