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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Don't you just love Sundays?

I don't know about other countries but the British Top 40 Chart was always broadcast on a Sunday. Anyone of a similar age to me probably remembers sitting in the kitchen or their bedroom, hand hovering above the 'pause' and 'record' buttons, trying to record the songs you liked onto a blank tape without any of the DJ's wittering. See, this is how the world was before mp3, bit-torrent, iTunes, etc (and yes, this was all fields, and a fiver could get you a night out at the cinema, juice and popcorn, a trip to the chippy, and steal leave you enough to give the bastard that jumped you on the way home). These are not just the ramblings of a premature curmudgeon but an attempt at an intro to this, the Tokyo Music blog's first weekly Top 10. We couldn't afford Bruno Brookes (probably not a bad thing) and Jimmy Saville wouldn't fix it for us (git), so you're stuck with me. Anyway, on with the show.

The Top 10 is purely subjective - they are the songs I've listened to and enjoyed the most in the last week. Anyone who has read/watched High Fidelity will know how important list-making is to men, so forgive me but it's not something I have any control over - it's genetic.

1) Traffic Tune Mrs. Tanaka
2) Tokyo Freeter Breeder Awai Giwacku
3) White Trash Cooking Raddie and weourus
4) Jan 22nd 06 01 The Oversleep Excuse
5) Clessidra Boy Mattia Coletti
6) GeSen Himuro
7) Turnontuneindropout Unicode
8) John Cage Excerpt Tokyo Sundown
9) Open Your Eyes Kayoko
10) Platitudes MacPherson and McSwegan

All the songs are available to download on the respective artist's MySpace page so there's no excuse for you not to be listening to these damn fine songs. Enjoy.