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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Kiasma Vol.16

Blogger's help site has a section about to promote your blog and how to captivate your audience and keep them coming back to read your most recent musings. "Post regularly" they say, people are more likely to check back daily if they can likely expect to see a new post. So far I think we're doing OK on that count. Perhaps not daily but not too bad given work commitments, laziness, etc. They had another piece of advice which seems to go against everything I want to do in this post - "keep your posts short and snappy, people will get bored when faced with a two or three thousand word mountain to climb". I agree with this, especially in these days of shortened attention spans and 24 hour rolling news, and RSS feeds, but sometimes you can't say everything you want to say in just a few words. Six bands, one truly great, three outstanding, and two accomplished, play about three or four hours of music, restore part of my faith in the ability of music to do wondrous things, and make me ecstatic that I started this blog. This is not something I can write about in a hundred words (although it doesn't mean that I'm going to resort to the florid, over-wrought, self-obsessed shite peddled by Russell Brand in the Observer that I mentioned in a previous post). So where does that leave me? How about this: a post for each band. It seems a fair way to do justice to each and try and keep the word count per post down. I just hope people read all the posts.