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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Summer Playlist

Even though the weather would make you think otherwise, this is the middle of summer. If the typhoons weren't battering us a month early we'd probably be sitting in parks drinking beer and listening to music instead of sitting at home drinking beer, trying to write blog posts while trying to work out some kind of deal with my better half where we're both happy with what's on iTunes (either choose a song each or call in the U.N to mediate). So, if we were in the park what would we be listening to (yes, this is my genetic need to make lists taking over again). I got a bit carried away when I made a summer playlist on my iPod and it ended up stretching to 64 songs, so I've done my best to get this to 10. The only order they're in is the order they occurred to me.

1) Good Vibrations The Beach Boys
2) Rez Underworld
3) Summertime (duh) Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince
4) Gin and Juice The Gourds
5) Good Shit Cornershop
6) So Nice (Summer Samba) Astrud Gilberto
7) Hot Fun in the Summertime (another duh) Sly and The Family Stone
8) Fake Plastic Trees Radiohead
9) No Time To Play Guru
10) It's The Sun The Polyphonic Spree

In case you're wondering, I saw Radiohead play Fake Plastic Trees live for the first time at the T in The Park festival in Scotland about 10 years ago and the song has been connected with summer for me ever since.