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Monday, August 21, 2006

MacPherson and McSwegan

Who the fuck are MacPherson and McSwegan? Anyone who has visited their MySpace profile will have found out that they are a songwriting duo stuffed with potential and songs that should take them out of the dull day jobs that no doubt pay for these nuggets of genius, sounding like broadcasts from the bottom of the well in Ring. I should add that I mean that in the best possible sense, i.e that the production is a bit patchy, not that Mac/Mc are a murderous demon with a grudge who will crawl out of your TV and kill you (although I don't know what they're like after a few drinks). Nor are they sludge rock behemoths who play the same chord over and over and over and over and over and over and over until you can't remember what it was you were trying to do. Look at the influences listed on MySpace, listen to the songs, and join the dots - future classic British pop that revels in the minutiae of life.

Unfortunately, to the uninitiated, or to fans of Scottish football (the difference being...?) Mac/Mc are something of a murderous demon who will crawl out of the tunnel and attempt to fool the crowd in to believing they're professional footballers. This is something we need to change. Musical Mac/Mc have the ability to erase this memory forever and raise the standard for a new and better Mac/Mc, they just need your support.

Those who have had a look at their profile will have noticed that they are based in London, and are probably now wondering why they are being included in this blog. Simple - a) they're fucking good; and b) I worked with one half of Mac/Mc when he lived in Japan. Don't say we're not international - anyone who lives in/has easy access to London, keep an eye out for Mac/Mc. I'll post any info I get regarding shows etc. In the meantime go and download their songs, just don't turn your back on the telly while you're doing it.