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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Two words that scare the shit out of me are...

... 'skate punk'. All I can think of is The Offspring, Pretty Fly For a White Guy, that cunt's whining voice... and then a mist comes down upon me and I sometimes find myself with clothes torn, fingernails ragged, and covered in blood and gore. Anyway, enough of my weekends. My therapist says I'm doing well and I may soon be allowed back into the community. However, a lot of my therapist's hard work was jeopardised yesterday as I received an email with the subject line 'Japanese Skate Punk Pioneers "Rose Rose". I immediately called my therapist and he said it should be safe enough for me to open the mail, but if I started feeling the urge to commit GBH, I should shut down my computer immediately and take a long, cold shower. I did what he said and found that Rose Rose have become the latest additions to the JapanFiles roster. For the good of my own health as well as those around me, I probably won't be downloading any of their stuff, but for those of you who are not afflicted like me, have a look here. Hark, I hear the sound of the guards. Better go.