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Monday, May 14, 2007

One small step for Tokyo Music, one giant step for no-one in particular

A Monday night in Roppongi. It may never rank with the greatest nights in the history of humanity's innovation but it's a first for this blog - a live report from a venue. I'm at Stereo, the club I mentioned a few weeks ago. The club has everything - swishness, comfy seats, bogs that were designed for doing whacking big lines of coke in, quality music as provided by Richard Smart, a good friend of mine. Unfortunately, there's no fucker here. Granted, it may be Monday night, but this is Roppongi, this is where people go out. Perhaps the prices are putting the punters off. Entry may be free but the beers are ¥800 a pop and skimpier than the Sports Illustrated swimwear issue. If the owners of the club happen upon this blog, I have only one thing to say - it's Monday night, lower your prices, make all the drinks ¥500 and you might get a few more punters in. In the meantime your comfy seats and cool loop tapes of 50's ads will go un-sat in and unwatched.