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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Call And Response Event, Koenji 20000V, May 25th

Due to work I won't be there, but there'll be another of the mighty C.A.R events tomorrow night in Koenji. In the best cutting and pasting traditions of Tokyo Music, here's the line up:

Tanz! Tanz! Tanz! - Tokyo Rhythm Punk Disco, featuring: Hyacca (From Fukuoka) / Worst Taste / Usagi Spiral A / Clisms / Natasha Forrest / Kitsch Hitori Gakudan (Opening Act) / DJs: Yoko3 (Mir) / Grant McGaheran (Abikyokan)

It's ¥1800, it starts at 6pm, and the last time I spoke to Ian Martin he mentioned something about cheap wine. What else are you going to do in Tokyo on a Friday night? Sure, you could go to Roppongi but do you want to spend your whole night telling the touts that you're not interested in their clubs and standing elbow to elbow with cunty investment bankers? Or would you rather spend the evening quaffing wine and listening to some of the finest sounds Japanese music has to offer. No fucking contest, is it?