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Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's been a while

I foolishly updated my website design software not realising that the new version I installed only works on Leopard. I do have a copy of Leopard but I haven't got round to installing it yet. That means that for now I have to go back to using this blog. Given the relative lack of updates on the Tokyo Guide site, that probably isn't a huge problem. Anyway, news of a historic live show in Tokyo (as ever, it's been cut and pasted):

Jimmy Binks and The Shakehorns, Live in Kichijoji

With crucial Shakehorn Sam Berry leaving for Spain in March, this could be the last gig for Jimmy Binks and the Shakehorns. The venue is Kichijoji's Mandala, a beautifully intimate venue which has hosted the likes of Beadroads, Osa and Killing Floor. We will kick off the show at 7pm. Doors are open from 6. Come before 7, innit.

Unfortunately, again there is a 2000yen door charge, but again there are 4 bands playing. Hopefully it will be as an eclectic bunch as last time.

This is our last and hopefully biggest gig to date. We hope a lot of you can make it.